Sunday, February 12, 2012

DUCA Conference - Deacons in Uniting Church in Australia

The biennial DUCA Conference will be held in the first week of July 2012, in Sydney. The theme is: God is where? There will be workshops, Bible Studies, field visits and an accredited course in public theology for academic credit. A great time of learning is anticipated. The flyer can be downloaded from the DUCA website here.

The blurb:
In a changing time of post-modern culture, there are many questions about how and where we share the Good News that comes to us through the life of Jesus. The ministry of the Diaconate is about listening to the call of God to serve in a changing world. God is working and calling many people to ministry in new and creative ways.
The practice of public theology explores how the Christian faith addresses public issues for the sake of the common good, in a pluralistic, multicultural, multi-faith society. Our hope is that through public theology, the conference will offer a framework to unpack our thinking, hear fro people who have been active in public ministry in creative ways and share our own stories and experiences with insight, enthusiasm and passion.

This conference is open to all those serving in diaconal ministries. We welcome participants from Diaconal Associations in Australia and New Zealand, as well as members of associations in the DAP region (DIAKONIA Asia Pacific).

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